Medicine ball Jowy MB-2kg


Medicine Ball Jowy made of natural and synthetic rubber, with a rough surface for better grip, is perfect to tone your muscles. Training with medicine balls requires using your arms and hands muscles and articulations, so doing exercices with it helps to prevent muscular and articular injuries. In addition to that, get exercise with medicine ball helps to improve your body control and coordination while you work your speed and power due to explosive movements done in the kind of exercises you can practise with it. Medicine ball can be used to complement cardiovascular exercices with a strength workout. It is also used to work proprioception itsef or as a Bosu or fitness ball complement.


  • Measures: 20cm
  • Weigth: 2kg
  • Materials: Natural and synthetic rubber
  • Colour: Black and green
  • Characteristics: Rough surface
  • How to keep it: Keep from wet places
  • How to clean it: Clean with a wet cloth.
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