Dual Grip Medicine ball JWDG-3


Dual Grip Medicine ball Jowy JWDG-3 made of natural and synthetic rubber perfect for tonification workout. Its grips make it more confortable to use and alows for using it as a dumbbell. This kind of medicine ball is so usefull for racquet sports players trainment since it enables to work hitting power. It also can be used as a complement for cardiovascular workouts adding this way a strenght work. It is a fantastic complement for Bosu and fitness ball.


  • Measures: 21cm
  • Weigth: 3 kg
  • Materials: Rubber
  • Colour: Black
  • Characteristics: Smooth non-skid surface
  • How to keep it: Keep from wet places
  • How to clean it: Clean with a wet cloth. Dry with a dry cloth.