Our company

Inout&co is a company set up in 2012 dedicated to national and international trade in order to provide of the best products and services.

The begining of its activities is about different products whole trade being tatami its most popular product. From the success of selling this product, in 2015, the brand Jowy is created as for the sport’s products commercialisation and start, this way, with a new bussines line born for retail selling. So our trademark Jowy includes from products like tatami puzzle for martial arts practice to items more related to fitness area.

We always try to find the best quality­price ratio with the purpose of being able to offer a good product with a good price to our customers trying to bring tools for improving health and fitness closer to people.

Despite of being a young company our experience is far from negligible. We have sold more than 50.000 squared meters of tatami throughout the years 2014­2015 and we have the possibility of import and supply more than 3.000 different items.

Our future prospect is to increase progressively more our products range keeping a good quality­price ratio in order to be able to satisfy our customers needs.

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